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Consequences of Shoplifting and Theft Convictions

As a lawyer who regularly handles shoplifting and theft cases, I can tell you shoplifting and theft convictions can carry with them consequences that extend far beyond the courtroom:

  • Employment Prospects: A shoplifting conviction alone can seriously hinder employment prospects for job-seekers. This is due to the fact that most employers these days will perform a pre-employment background check. For most jobs, a theft or shoplifting conviction disqualifies your application from moving to the next stage in the hiring process. This is true no matter what the value of the item whether it was a pack of gum or a car.
  • Immigration Consequences: In addition, a shoplifting or theft conviction could spell disaster in the form of immigration consequences. Theft offenses can be classified as crimes of moral turpitude which in turn can trigger removal proceedings. Immigration laws can be complex and unforgiving thus it is always best to consult with legal counsel regarding these matters.
  • Driver’s License Suspension: If the theft involves gasoline then your driver’s license could be suspended. In addition, if restitution is owed and it has not been paid then your license can be suspended.
  • Greater Penalties upon Repeat Offenses: Depending upon the item involved in the crime (specifically, prescription blanks, medical records, anhydrous ammonia, or a legend drug), you may be subject to greater penalties under the law if you are subsequently convicted of the same offense.
  • Greater Penalties Related to Prior Felony Convictions: In addition, if you have previously committed a felony and are subsequently convicted of another felony, then you may be subject to greater penalties under Kentucky’s Persistent Felony Offender Statute (PFO). Kentucky’s PFO statute is a complex sentencing statute that can drastically enhance punishments thus it is important to discuss these matters with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

How a Criminal Lawyer Can Help

I have handled hundreds of shoplifting cases and I can say from experience that no two are alike. However, they all require diligent, competent representation by an experienced criminal defense lawyer. I can discuss with you ways of getting theft charges amended or even dismissed. Depending on a person’s criminal record, they may be eligible for diversion. Diversion is a pathway that could allow a person charged with a crime preserve their clean criminal record.

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