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As a personal injury lawyer, I know car accidents happen to careful drivers on a daily basis. These accidents often happen through no fault of their own. As a result of these car accidents, medical bills can start accumulating quick. Oftentimes, these victims choose not to pursue medical treatment because they do not have medical coverage or cannot afford to take time off from work to deal with the injuries they have sustained due to no fault of their own. To add to all of this, problems often arise when insurance companies choose not to compensate these victims for the negligence of their insured drivers.

I can help.

As an experienced personal injury lawyer, I have helped numerous people get the compensation they deserve. I offer free consultations so that costs to you are kept to a minimum. In addition, I work on a contingency fee-basis thus I don’t get paid unless I win you compensation.

Kentucky has laws that favor an experienced personal injury lawyer. Kentucky is a pure comparative negligence state. This means that an injured party can still receive compensation even if he or she was partially at fault for the incident. In addition, the laws of Kentucky require a driver to have proper insurance before driving on the road, specifically Personal Injury Protection or PIP. PIP helps drivers receive money after the car accident regardless of who was at fault. Injured parties are able to use PIP for medical bills, lost wages, or other expenses associated with the accident.

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