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As a former teacher with experience teaching kids in grades Pre-Kindergarten to 8th grade, I know it takes a special skill set to be an excellent juvenile lawyer.  Speaking as a parent myself, I know raising a child in today’s society can be difficult. However, dealing with a situation where a juvenile is facing criminal charges makes life even more stressful for the family.

I can help.

As an experienced juvenile lawyer, I have represented numerous juveniles. These juveniles were accused of everything from traffic offenses to much more serious charges up to homicide. Also, I practiced as a guardian ad litem- a lawyer who represents the children in custody battles and CPS investigations. This experience gives me special insight into these stressful situations that other lawyers may not have.

Kentucky law treats juvenile and adult crimes differently. The focus of the juvenile criminal justice system is mainly rehabilitation i.e. restoring someone to a healthy and normal life through therapy and training. This is mainly because experience has shown that juvenile offenders are oftentimes more receptive to services than adults may be. Although rehabilitation has a place in the adult criminal justice system, it competes with other goals such as deterrence, incapacity, and retribution.

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