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Federal Crimes v. State Crimes

Facing federal criminal charges requires a top notch federal criminal lawyer. Federal criminal charges differ from state criminal charges in several key ways:

  • Officers v. Agents: If you are charged in state court then the investigation is likely to be handled by city police officers or county sheriffs. However, if you are charged in federal court then agents from the FBI or DEA will usually handle the investigation.
  • Federal Law v. State Law: Violations of state law are prosecuted in state court. Federal courts can decide cases involving federal law issues. Some common federal criminal law issues involve crimes that happen on federal property, crimes that happen to cross state lines, as well as certain other violations of federal law involving matters such as US customs, bank robberies, etc.
  • Sentencing Guidelines: Sentencing in state court is largely dependent on plea bargaining. State judges will usually accept the plea bargains that the prosecutor and defense attorney agree upon. In federal court, sentencing is driven by sentencing guidelines which are non-binding rules which create a stable sentencing policy which is dependent upon numerous factors.

How a Federal Criminal Lawyer Can Help

As a federal criminal lawyer, my number one concern is taking care of my client. Therefore, I make it my top priority to listen to their concerns, explain their legal situation, come up with a plan of action, and then execute with their best interests in mind. If you have fears regarding your current situation, I want to hear about and discuss them with you. If there are legal procedures you do not understand, I will do my very best to explain in clear, concise terms to cut down on any confusion. My goal is to fully educate you on the law as it relates to your situation.

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