Louisville Criminal Defense Attorney

Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer

As an experienced criminal defense lawyer, I know from experience that the courthouse can be an intimidating environment. When meeting with clients, I work towards explaining the legal process so that my clients know what to expect.

Explaining the Charges.

The process begins with me explaining the legal consequences that are often associated with the charge. This also includes an explanation of the sentencing  which will be critical information when considering plea bargaining.

Explaining Criminal Procedure.

From arraignment to sentencing and everything in between, procedural guidelines must be followed in all trials and hearings. In simple terms, I will explain the network of systems lawyers and clients must navigate in order to achieve focused, consistent results.

Customs of the Court.

In addition to laws, rules of procedure, and regulations, there are also local rules of practice which can differ from courthouse to courthouse. In addition, judges and the public (i.e. the jury) expect a certain civility and respect when court is conducted. Manners are free and they are the key to making a good impression both inside the courtroom and out.


Part of being a criminal defense attorney is wearing appropriate attire to court. However, professionalism goes far beyond outward appearances. It carries over into daily interactions with judges, opposing counsel, bailiffs, clerks, witnesses, and the public. In short, part of being an attorney is also “wearing” the appropriate attitude. This means having a dedicated and impassioned focus on the details of each and every client’s case. It also means using sharp interpersonal skills and legal knowledge to achieve the desired results.

Preparation is the key to success. The only type of representation we provide includes a comprehensive and complete preparation of your case. We provide nothing less and you should accept nothing less.

I offer free consultations by phone. Please do not hesitate to contact me by calling 502-509-2055 or by filling out the contact form below.

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