Changing the World, One Case at a Time.

A case that I worked on tirelessly for over a year where my client was facing life in prison concluded with my client cleared of all charges and with her record expunged. The charges she was facing (Armed Robbery) were manufactured from day one by an alleged victim who tried to use the criminal justice system to settle his own score and he just found out the hard way that this is not how the justice system works. Not on my watch at least. Now he himself is sitting behind bars thanks to the tireless efforts of the men and women of the Virginia Beach Police Department and in part to his own stupidity. My client even got her $84 filing fee for their expungement refunded thanks to Va. Code Ann. 19.2-392.2 which states that the clerk must refund such costs if the court enters an order of expungement.

When I tell people that I do criminal defense work, they are oftentimes surprised and ask me, “How can you defend those lowlife scums?” or something to that effect. My response to them is often to tell them a Russian parable. A wolf sees a hare that is hopping like mad away from a village. The wolf asks, “Why such haste? Why are you running away from the village?” The hare responds “Because they are catching all the camels and skinning them alive.” The wolf says, ” But you are not a camel.” The hare responds, “You go ahead and try to prove that to them after they’ve already caught you and skinned you alive.” In other words: “Try to prove something to someone who doesn’t want to listen.” This case demonstrates that commitment to justice can and will change the world, one case at a time.

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